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We offer consumers a wide range of diverse purpose, design and implementation of monitoring and measuring pressure, including: general and intelligent sensors, relays and Mining optional docking equipment.
Integrated solution for measuring the technological parameters and remote data transmission over the air with a self-powered long life of more than 5 years. Can significantly reduce the cost of establishing systems of control and measurement by excluding the costs of purchase and installation of wired signal transmission.
SPE INTOR has many years experience in developing and production of modern, reliable in operation of sensors and fluid level sensors for use in various industries. Our products are used in enterprises, "water utility" in emergency fire suppression systems on water intake and pumping stations, artesian wells, and many other sites.
In view of the utilities' transition to new types of water there was a need for level control, resistant to sodium hypochlorite, in connection with what has been developed and published a series of instruments: level sensor type Radon MP-X ", level type of ACS, Radon, SU-PA-X.
Recently, the nomenclature of the functional units produced SPE INTOR "expanded through the development of new products, including smart devices.
Address contemporary problems of automation of technological processes and production requires integrated application of the secondary microprocessor devices with greater functionality.
Device management and remote control options for GSM - network.
SPE INTOR "offers consumers a range of temperature measurement devices and protection equipment, through the control of thermal conditions.
New level of organization of protection of underground utilities and gas and oil pipelines. Maximizing the reliability of electrochemical protection.
One of the activities of SPE INTOR - development and production of teaching and laboratory equipment for vocational education.