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Teaching and laboratory equipment for vocational education

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         Production Enterprise "INTOR" engaged in the development and delivery of training equipment for educational institutions at various levels and profiles. Having considerable experience (the company was founded in 1993) in the creation of measurement instruments and new technologies and software, we are introducing advanced technology industry in the educational process. Produced laboratory benches, plants and so forth have ergonomic performance, the original design, a high degree of maintainability.

          Our firm is actively cooperating with educational institutions participating in tenders and auctions, performs development of equipment "to order", there are joint projects.

This section presents options for automating the learning process, such as SBDA 01 "Workstation teacher."
Featured products on the automation of technological processes, for example, a laboratory stand ATU-02 - the current model water boiler control systems.
One of the developments of past years provided in section - the laboratory bench "Electric Car" EA-01 (02), can demonstrate the efficiency of the basic elements of the vehicle's electrical system.
This section contains specialized equipment for research laboratories (differential scanning calorimeter DSC - 500).
The equipment presented in the section is intended to train professionals in the field of metrology, standardization and certification, measurement techniques and equipment, etc. Presented by: "Methods and means of measuring the pressure," ID-01, "Electrical Measurements" EI-02, "E-voltmeter ammeter "EVA-01.
In the laboratory stand presented "Personal Computer" PC-01 (02) used in the learning process during the laboratory works and practical lessons on the following subjects: computer systems, computer circuitry, computer components, etc.
In the presented equipment UPR-01 "Mode control of electric household appliances," RBT-01 "Repair and maintenance of a domestic refrigerator," RBT-02 "Repair and maintenance of microwave ovens," RBT-03 "Repair and Maintenance DVD - player."
Equipment for training in new information technologies, computer systems and networks, telecommunication lines. Presented by the equipment: laboratory complex "Installation and commissioning of structured cabling systems," SCS-01, "Telecommunications link" TLS-01.
The equipment section is intended for the training of higher and secondary professional education in mechanical engineering majors, for example, "Table Milling Machine with computer NC system," PGA-01.
Presented by the equipment used in the departments of "Electrical Engineering", "Power," etc., such as: "Electrical and electronics fundamentals" EIE-02 MA-01, "Electrical Engineering" E-01, etc.