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Measurement and control level (wire technology)

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Liquid level measurement is a "ridge" in the company manufactured products. Submersible level sensors such as Radon Control "is used in dozens of sites Vodokanal almost the entire territory of Russia and the CIS. In all of these sensors, implements a method for measuring hydrostatic pressure, based on what is measured by the pressure of the liquid column above the sensor is proportional to the depth, ie distance from the surface of the liquid. The main distinguishing feature and advantage of the submersible sensor is the maximum ease of installation on site - just drop them on the bottom and they are ready to work. "
A novelty in the line of submersible gauges are measuring the level of telecommunications facilities in remote (well) or separately based (wells) control points. As a system of communication with the sensor manager uses radio or GSM-connection. The customer is offered a comprehensive solution to automate tasks, including a set of different sensors with the required level of installation equipment, two-way radio units corresponding to the structure of the object, the software and the SCADA-system.
Important in the range of products occupy a specialized sensors: the oil level in oil tanks GPS units and fuel level sensors, prnimenyaemy on rolling stock Railways.
A special place in the direction of "control the liquid level" take float alarms vertical and horizontal. Application of new technologies cover floats allows their use for controlling viscous liquids are prone to sticking.

Record nizaya installation costs. Just put it down to the bottom, and he is ready to work. Meets the requirements of Maritime Register of Shipping.
Application of the sensor can not only signal the limits of the oil level in the tank, but the plan periods of maintenance works on the basis of measuring the oil level.
Record performance characteristics: working pressure 25 MPa; antiadgezivnoe coating work items; independent testing of control circuits.
Multi-point level measurement. Antiadgezivnoe coating work items. Independent testing of control circuits.