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Measurement and control of pressure (wire technology)

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The development of sensors and pressure transmitters is one of the basic technical and technological activities of the company. Already more than fifteen years of pressure sensors manufactured by NPP INTOR, operated on hundreds of enterprises in Russia and CIS. Over the years, developed a whole range of different purpose sensors and pressure transducers: it is specialized for housing and utilities, increased reliability for the oil and gas industry, common industrial, radar measurement systems, and many others.
Depending on destination, metrological and performance characteristics of sensors used in sensor based on piezoresistive sensing element silicon-on-Silicon Thin-film or silicon-on-sapphire. External (measured) pressure causes deformation of the membrane, which leads to imbalance of the bridge. Value generated by the voltage mismatch (useful signal) is directly proportional to the applied pressure. Pressure from the opposite side of the membrane is a reference and determines the type of sensor. Almost all gauges, produced by the enterprise are normalized with Temperature compensated output signal. Sensors with temperature compensation and a normalized output signal, except for temperature compensation circuits and offset calibration, are equipped with the scheme of linearization of the transfer characteristics and the electronic converter. Electronic converter forms one of the standard types of output:
· 2-or 3-wire unified current signal: 4-20 or 0-5 or 0-20 mA at a supply voltage Upow = 9-35 V;
· Radio signal at a carrier frequency of 433.92 MHz.
Type of the medium and its temperature impose additional requirements for the design and circuitry of the sensor.
The range of devices offers a wide range of sensors, transducers, relays, and auxiliary equipment:
· Absolute pressure sensor for measuring a variety of environments, including liquids, gases and corrosive;
· Pressure sensors of different design and purpose for use in various industries;
· Differential pressure sensors used in automatic control, regulation and process control;
· Pressure switches for various purposes, including for use in harsh environments in mining enterprises;
· Specialized measuring telecommunication systems for field testing magistalnyh pipelines, hydraulic systems, agricultural and construction machinery;
· Sensors for hydrostatic pressure of housing and communal services obescheschivayuschie parameters of water-control network.



Pressure sensors in the series thanks to the new circuit solutions have high reliability and noise immunity may be applicable to all industries under various typical conditions of the process and requirements for measurement accuracy. In microprocessor-based pressure sensors implemented modern technology of digital compensation to adjust the "zero" and the measurement range.
A new generation of intelligent sensors for the price of conventional. New level of organization control and regulation of technological parameters.
Effective choice for gage and absolute pressure. Tunable over a wide range of the measured signal. Allow us to solve almost all problems of control pressure.
Economical universal odnopredelny pressure sensor for general industrial use. The sensor is designed to measure absolute or gauge pressure. Pressure ranges from 0.025 to 60 MPa. The sensor is suitable for installation on site, is protected against wrong connection, short circuit and power surges. Applications: housing and utilities, process automation, food processing, instrumentation, etc.
Compact sensor for general use. Improved operational performance. Temperature Range: - 45 ... +85 ° C. Degree of protection: IP 66. Heavy duty also available corrosion-resistant shell, fully made ​​of stainless steel. The sensor has a high technical characteristics, it can be used in modern systems of automatic control and management. Measuring ranges of absolute or gauge pressure of liquid and gaseous media in the range from 0.025 to 60 MPa. Intrinsically safe - 1ExibIICT6. Introduced in the State Register of measuring instruments. Applications: petrochemical and natural gas industry, engineering, process automation, and housing and communal services, instrumentation, etc.
Compact low-cost sensor vacuum, absolute or gauge pressure, designed for use in almost all industrial applications, provides a reliable pressure measurement even in harsh conditions approx-Environment Programme. The sensor has various options for the output plug connector with protection against dust and water IP 66-67. Modern microprocessor-based components and corrosion-resistant materials of the body provide the sensor reliability, enhanced vibration and weather resistance, low cost and small size.
Maximum cheap compact sensor medium and high pressure. Standard measurement and characterization, high vibration and excellent performance characteristics. A variety of types of connecting elements, protection class IP 66, the small size makes the sensor of this type of essential municipal services, power system, the measuring and machine tools and other industries.
A series of classical pressure sensors, which is time-tested reliability. The characteristics of different sensors at different temporal stability of metrological characteristics. Provide measurement of the absolute or gauge pressure of both static and dynamic processes. Perfect for virtually all industries that require cheap and reliable sensors. Due to the wide measuring range (from 0.02 to 60 MPa) and variability of performance sensors are suitable for solving a broad range of applications pressure monitoring. There are special designs. Housing and connection hardware is stainless steel. Intrinsically safe - 1ExibIICT6. Introduced in the State Register of measuring instruments.
Pressure sensors (level) of the SI series designed specifically for use in the enterprises of housing and communal services and the chemical industry or the like, where there is a problem of siltation and flooding the place of assembly. Increased vibration resistance, the use of "wet" and the cable tight Enclosure IP 68 ensure that the sensor stringent requirements imposed tough conditions. The sensor is suitable for installation on site, is protected against wrong connection, short circuit and power surges. Intrinsically safe - 1ExibIICT6. Introduced in the State Register of measuring instruments.