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NPP Intor :: Microprocessor-based sensor gage and absolute pressure "Radon MP-DI (DA)"
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Microprocessor-based sensor gage and absolute pressure "Radon MP-DI (DA)"

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• wide range of sensors that overlaps most of the tasks of measurement, facilitates their selection;
• Measured: neutral and corrosive liquids, gas, steam;
• measurement error of 0,15, 0,2, 0,25%;
• Output: 0-5, 0-20, 4-20 mA; RS485;
• Testing and control parameters at a distance;
• the possibility of using both in analog and digital systems;
• accumulation of data about the process of non-volatile memory;
• optimal performance in production environments due to individual settings and the digital compensation;
• protection from lightning and radio interference;
• Protection against unauthorized access;
• performance: general industrial, intrinsically safe;
• Supplied with an intelligent barrom isrozaschity Bastion.

Microprocessor-based sensors pressure and absolute pressure Radon MP DI (DA) designed to operate in automatic control, regulation and control of technological processes. Sensors provide a continuous transformation of the measured pressure in a uniform current (4-20 mA or 0-5 or 0-20 mA mA) or digital signal based on the serial interface RS485.
Microprocessor-based sensor system provides a linearization of the static characteristic, damping control processes, ensures temperature compensation of temperature changes or working environment. The use of non-volatile memory allows for easy adjustment and storage performance sensor directly into the working conditions.
The modular design of the sensor, manufactured using modern materials, provides the convenience of mounting the sensor on the object, if necessary, quick repairs and continued operation.
Sensors Series Radon MP DI (DA) can be fitted with additional equipment, providing the ability to configure the sensor directly to the manufacturing process, and a mounting and installation parts. For the treatment of controlled data available specialized software that allows you to change the configuration of the sensor and display technology to construct a system of information by the Department of Instrumentation and without recourse to third-party programmers.

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