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NPP Intor :: Multipoint Float Level Switch "Radon SU PM-02 "
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Multipoint Float Level Switch "Radon SU PM-02 "

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- Wide range of sensors for any objects and any operating conditions;

- Ease of installation on site, through multi-variant execution of the mount alarms;

- Drawing on the signaling nodes in contact with the controlled fluid, special Teflon-ceramic coating provides the opportunity to work with different types of liquids (drinking water and technical, emulsions, "dirty" liquid foaming fluid, oil, oil, etc.);

- To remotely verify that the circuits and magnitozavisimogo switch detector equipped with an electromagnet with an independent control circuit.

- Ability to work in process vessels and tanks are under excessive pressure to 25 MPa;

- The customer's request can be made for a specific modification of signaling the working fluid, operating pressure and temperature;

- Widely used in all industries.



Multipoint Float Level Switch Radon PM SU-02 is designed to control external electrical circuits, off and on contacts in the signaling scheme, protection and blocking with an increase or decrease in maximum level of liquid and liquefied gases with respect to a given value or level of interface between two immiscible liquids in tanks and process equipment operating under vacuum, and atmospheric pressure increases.

The switch is available in several versions with different type of measure (ceiling or the level of the interface), the type of attachment on the container (threaded fitting, flange, shake suspension), a type of body and cable entry (SR, SL), number of control points (1-5 ) and floats (1-5), the type of output terminals (NC, NO, PG), the parameters of switched circuits.

The switch has two types of performance: general industrial and explosion-proof (iskorobezopasnaya chain - 0ExiaIICT5).

Detectors are used in automation of production facilities refining, gas, chemical, power, metallurgical industry, in food and utilities and other industries, including the explosive conditions of production.

Specifications are presented in the Russian version of the site.

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