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Research-and-production enterprise "INTOR"
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   We offer not only separate gauges and devices, but also the complex decision for the customer on the basis of the most adequate equipment rooms and software products. The spectrum of means let out by our enterprise and automation systems is not casual, behind it years of the practical work, the verified technical decisions and the rigid technological control. The enterprise conducts extensive research work on search of new technical decisions and perfection of technologies for creation of the equipment is the fullest of the customer adapted for needs.


Hydrostatic pressure sensor (level) of immersion "RADON Y"

Record nizaya installation costs. Just put it down to the bottom, and he is ready to work. Meets the requirements of Maritime Register of Shipping.

Pressure sensors "Radon WB B3"

Pressure sensors in the series thanks to the new circuit solutions have high reliability and noise immunity may be applicable to all industries under various typical conditions of the process and requirements for measurement accuracy. In microprocessor-based pressure sensors implemented modern technology of digital compensation to adjust the "zero" and the measurement range.

ATP-02 Automation of technological processes

The current model water boiler control systems

EiEM-01 "Electrical Engineering and Electrical Machines"

Thanks to the versatile design laboratory stand EiEM-01 combines the two stands: "Electrical Engineering" and "electric drive".

Microprocessor-based differential pressure sensor "Radon MP-DD"

A new generation of intelligent sensors for the price of conventional. New level of organization control and regulation of technological parameters.

Microprocessor-based sensor gage and absolute pressure "Radon MP-DI (DA)"

Effective choice for gage and absolute pressure. Tunable over a wide range of the measured signal. Allow us to solve almost all problems of control pressure.

Level sensors in the oil tank "RADON UM"

Application of the sensor can not only signal the limits of the oil level in the tank, but the plan periods of maintenance works on the basis of measuring the oil level.

TLS-01 Telecommunication link

The stand allows you to monitor the work of communication lines, to simulate various network parameters: length and load TLS, reception and transmission of video signals to simulate various types of faults.

The indicator of liquid level high pressure RADON SU PM-01 "

Record performance characteristics: working pressure 25 MPa; antiadgezivnoe coating work items; independent testing of control circuits.

The pressure sensor "Radon WB A1"

Economical universal odnopredelny pressure sensor for general industrial use. The sensor is designed to measure absolute or gauge pressure. Pressure ranges from 0.025 to 60 MPa. The sensor is suitable for installation on site, is protected against wrong connection, short circuit and power surges. Applications: housing and utilities, process automation, food processing, instrumentation, etc.

Multipoint Float Level Switch "Radon SU PM-02 "

Multi-point level measurement. Antiadgezivnoe coating work items. Independent testing of control circuits.

The pressure sensor "Radon WB A2"

Compact sensor for general use. Improved operational performance. Temperature Range: - 45 ... +85 ° C. Degree of protection: IP 66. Heavy duty also available corrosion-resistant shell, fully made ​​of stainless steel. The sensor has a high technical characteristics, it can be used in modern systems of automatic control and management. Measuring ranges of absolute or gauge pressure of liquid and gaseous media in the range from 0.025 to 60 MPa. Intrinsically safe - 1ExibIICT6. Introduced in the State Register of measuring instruments. Applications: petrochemical and natural gas industry, engineering, process automation, and housing and communal services, instrumentation, etc.

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