About enterprise

About enterprise

Scientific production enterprise "Intor" was founded in 1993. The company develops and manufactures instrumentation. The company includes specialists with many years of experience in the development of technical measuring instruments and automation systems software.

Both individual sensors and devices are offered, as well as complex solutions for the customer based on the most adequate hardware and software products. The range of automation products and systems produced by an enterprise is not accidental, after it there are years of practical work, verified technical solutions and strict process control. One of the advantages of the company is the release of unique equipment that does not have high-quality analogs. The company conducts an extensive research work on finding new technical solutions and improving technologies for creating equipment that is most fully adapted to the needs of the customer.



  • Measurement and control of pressure (wired technology).
  • Measurement and control of pressure and level (wireless technology).
  • Level measurement and control (wired technology).
  • Control of the level of aggressive media (sodium hypochlorite).
  • Means of remote control and monitoring of technological parameters.
  • Shipping safety.
  • Secondary digital devices.
  • Functional equipment.
  • Measurement and control of temperature.
  • Electrochemical protection of underground structures and pipelines.
  • Laboratory, research equipment.
  • Software and hardware systems.

НПП Интор

Products manufactured by NPP "Intor" are used to equip trunk gas pipelines and oil pipelines, for operation in the oil refining, chemical industries, energy, aviation industry, river and sea transport, food industry enterprises, urban economy and agro-industrial industries. The product range includes sensors and transducers of pressure, level, force, weight, temperature, humidity, instruments for monitoring the properties of substances, microprocessor means of displaying information and control, integrated measurement systems, etc.